So, You Want to Be an Actor or Actress? Tips to Get into the Acting Industry
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So, You Want to Be an Actor or Actress? Tips to Get into the Acting Industry

As we have dreams and aspirations of fame and fortune as young children, we might not know how to make those come true as young adults and adults. Here are some tips to get your foot in the door of the industry.

Many young little girls and boys have dreams and aspirations of becoming actors or actresses. For some of these people, that dream is entirely achievable. I would say that probably half those future actors or actresses actually actively pursue their dreams and even half of that actually do become successful in their careers. There are a number of reasons why one person may be more successful in the industry than others. Those who are more knowledgeable about acting and how to become an actor get farther than those who don't do research and don't find out.

Acting doesn't always require specialized training, though it is helpful to agents and casting directors if the actor has been through various training courses. Some people just have that unique look, amazing talent and special spark that agents and casting directors are looking for. Sometimes it really all comes down to luck. Experience is also key. A lot of actors and actresses get into acting through theater, stage productions, Broadway or touring nationally with an off Broadway show. You can also hire an acting coach to help you accelerate and possibly further your career. Of course, this isn't always necessary steps, but they are helpful.

  • Don't quit your day job. It can take years and a lot of your own money for travel, head shots, clothing for auditions, etc... Even famous actors and actresses who seem like they got famous overnight didn't. They worked side jobs and played small parts and gigs on the side. They worked their way up the ladder before their break out role that made them who they are now. If you go into this thinking that the first or second part you're cast in will make you a household name, you'll get discouraged and quit. You have to have reasonable expectations but high goals and expectations for yourself in the long run.
  • Get head shots. As an amateur actor or someone trying to break into show business, you need head shots. While it can cost hundreds for a professional photographer, you can do it on your own with the help of friends or family. You need about 4-6 photos and that will consist of a head shot on a minimal or simple background, a ¾ photo, a full body photo and a few photos that would show your personality and help you stand out. Since there are so many blond haired, blue eyed actresses out there, agents may cast aside head shots and portfolios that are too ordinary. Stand out! Make your photo pop among all the others!
  • Getting an agent. Of course, if you live nearer a large city it is a lot easier to get an agent and travel to auditions. Unfortunately, if you don't live near a large city, you may have to be willing to travel for agent interviews and auditions.
  • Agents will not ask you for money up front. They make money when you get a job. Don't get taken by a scam artist.
  • Check out the internet for agents in your area or the nearest large city. Call them and introduce yourself. Explain what your goals are and your past experience. They may ask for your head shots and acting resume immediately, or they may take your contact information and get back to you in a few weeks. It's not uncommon to contact a few agents. After all, you need to make the best career decision or yourself.
  • Auditions – Once you have an agent representation, auditions will start to come in. At auditions, you need to let go, loosen up and be yourself. Don't try to act, just do what comes natural. Casting directors have enough experience to know when someone is trying too hard to the point of acting fake. Act confident and don't allow apprehension or fear to be what shines through. You want them to see your talent and personality. Confidence always wins.
  • If you can get the audition script (also called a side – A small portion of the whole script) do so and memorize it. Although it's not terrible and uncommon to hold your script, memorization may give you that extra edge and make you stand out!
  • Once you get a part, don't reject parts that are smaller than what you'd wish. Actresses and actors don't really have the right to do that until they're as big as the top earners out there in the industry! You never know what part can get you one step closer to where you want to be in your career.

It is entirely possible for an ordinary person to have a great and successful career in acting. After all, the actors and actresses we see on TV are just ordinary people as well! They just worked hard enough and were lucky enough to get the chance to do what they absolutely love as a career choice! Keep working at it and never give up your dreams.


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